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Bayonets and Mush

08/18/2020 11:01 AM | Anonymous

Bayonets and Mush by Tom Reynolds, SCOPE President

The founders of Black Lives Matter admit to being Marxists / Communists.  There is a communist saying, attributed to Lenin: “Probe with bayonets.  If you hit mush, proceed; if you encounter steel, withdraw.”  When the Black Lives Matter protests bypassed peaceful and went directly to violence, they were being true to their roots by, in essence, probing with bayonets. 

Black Lives Matter, Antifa and looters cannot be bought off with concessions.  Concessions are treated as weaknesses (mush) and only encourage the aggressors to become more violent in search of greater concessions.

Missouri Attorney General complained online that on one weekend, “…every single one of the St. Louis looters and rioters arrested (36 were arrested) were released back onto the streets by local prosecutor Kim Gardner”.  (The same Kim Gardner who charged the armed St. Louis couple with crimes for defending their property.)  The rioters hit mush and violence escalated.

Fox News reported that Louis Turco, head of the NY City Lieutenants Benevolent Assocaition, said the violence seen during the demonstrations in New York is the byproduct of the new law (bail reform) that requires defendants to be released without cash bail on a long list of misdemeanors and some felonies including arson and burglary.  More mush encouraged more violence.

We’ve all seen the videos of rioters burning buildings and cars, taunting police by screaming in their face, hurling rocks and bottles and breaking into buildings while the police stood idly by because of the orders of their bosses.  Mush again.

Governors shut down churches, schools and anything they deemed non-essential.  But Black Lives Matter riots were apparently essential as they were approved.  Mayors and politicians, all the way up to the House of Representatives, took a knee to Black Lives Matter.  The rioters recognized mush and violence continued.   

Amid calls to defund the police, NY City abolished its plainclothes Anti-Crime unit.   Murders and crime have soared.  Black leaders are now calling for the anti- crime unit be reinstated. 

People arrested in Portland since late May on nonviolent misdemeanor charges during the riots that have lasted over two months won’t be prosecuted.  Multnomah County District Attorney Mike Schmidt claimed the new policy recognizes the outrage and frustration over a history of perceived racial injustice that has led to the city’s often violent protests.  (Does he prosecute people over perceived crimes or real crimes?)  BLM recognized real, not perceived, mush.

Chicago has seen increased violence until this weekend when the Mayor FINALLY announced, in advance, that 1,000 police would be deployed to stop violence.  A   shut down of an expressway didn’t happen and only about 200 “protesters” showed up.  The police were aggressive in preventing violence from escalating and it didn’t.  The communists finally hit steel!

The United States has a long-standing policy of not negotiating with terrorists.  Black Lives Matter and Antifa have behaved like terrorists but mayors, governors and politicians didn’t even negotiate; they just gave in without a whimper.  Mush!  

Why do these officials have no backbone and tolerate crime?  Do they not understand that the people they are enabling will eventually turn on the officials and pull them down.  Extortion such as this doesn’t go away.  It didn’t with Hitler and it didn’t with the Mafia; they just came back for more.  It signals that you are an easy mark, not that you are racially sensitive. 

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