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Coming to a Town Near You...Part 2

10/22/2020 3:05 PM | Anonymous

Coming to a town near you…Part 2  by Tom Reynolds

Yesterday, SCOPE wrote about a riot in Ithaca and warned that they will spread.  The primary lesson here is that liberal socialists consider themselves to be our moral and intellectual superiors.  As such, they believe that, if they make the decisions in our life for us, we will be better off than if we made the decisions ourselves.  Because they believe that what they are doing is in our best interests, that excuses their every action.  They won’t admit that their actions are in pursuit of their own power and privilege. Coming from people who believe in the same system that spawned Hitler, Stalin, Mao and Castro, this would be laughable if those socialists weren’t so convinced that they really are superior and that excuses all of their actions.

Let’s take advantage of reporting in the Cornell Daily Sun about the riot to point out how delusional these people are in their egotistical beliefs.  Beware of people who will riot, burn, murder and use fear and intimidation in pursuit of their beliefs because lying will mean nothing to them.    

The Cornell Daily Sun said, “Earlier this week, the Ithaca Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) planned in response a Trump Rally counter-demo, to ‘let them know they are NOT welcome here,’ the group wrote in social media posts”.  Later in the Sun’s article, a DSA member and History Professor is quoted, “It was a spontaneous and almost joyful display.

So, I was a spontaneous planned response! That is called an oxymoron, with the emphasis on moron.

The Sun further reported, “…counter protesters approached members of the Trump rally, yelling…you’re racist if you support a racist.’’ An organizer of the pro Trump rally was reported as saying that, “…people calling us members of the KKK”.

The DSA was protesting at the wrong rally.  They excuse away the racist DNA of the Democrat Party, just as they excuse away Hitler, Stalin, Mao and Castro. Let’s look at the record and not the rhetoric or, as Mike Pence said to Kamal Harris, “You can have your own opinion but not your own facts”.

The KKK was a spawn of the Democrat Party.  Famous Democrat Senator Richard Byrd was an organizer, recruiter and leader of the KKK.  Byrd also filibustered the Civil Rights Act and then voted against it.  Why is Byrd important to know about?  Of Byrd, Democrat Presidential Joe Biden said, "To me...for a lot of us, he was a mentor and a friend, and for a lot of us, he was a guide."  The racist Senator from the KKK was a mentor and guide to the current Democrat presidential candidate! 

Democrat Biden said of Barack Obama, I mean, you got the first mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy”.   Joe Biden believed Obama was “the first mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy”!  Racism?  Nah, nothing to see here if you are the Ithaca DSA.

Ithaca DSA does, indeed, welcome racists - as long as they are Democrats.

In contrast, in 1986, Donald Trump was honored with the Ellis Island Award, along with civil rights icon Rosa Parks and boxing legend Muhammad Ali.  (Will the DSA disown Parks and Ali for associating with Trump?)

Upon purchasing Mar-a-Lago resort in 1997, Trump opened up membership to African Americans and Jews. To do this, he had to sue the town council.  He succeeded, prompting changes in membership at the other local clubs.   

Thanks to Trump’s economic policies, prior to the pandemic, unemployment amongst women, blacks and other minorities had reached all-time lows.

If that’s a racist, the black population needs more like him.

The chair of Ithaca DSA said, “If pro-authoritarian forces are going to keep showing up in Ithaca we need to show them that they are not welcome here.” Authoritarian is defined as, “favoring or enforcing strict obedience to authority…at the expense of personal freedom”. Don’t “freedom of speech” and “peaceably to assemble” count as personal freedoms? 

The Ithaca DSA believes that, from the same movement that spawned Hitler, Stalin, Mao and Castro, a benevolent leader will emerge.  Socialist icon Vladimir Lenin coined a phrase for people like this, “Useful idiots”.

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