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Lies During the Debate – And After

10/25/2020 8:55 AM | Anonymous

Lies During the Debate – And After  by Tom Reynolds

During Thursday’s debate, “fact checkers” usually have a field day identifying what they claim are lies and misrepresentations.  Here’s what CNN said about Trump lying. 

Anchored by Wolf Blitzer, CNN’s headline was “Trump was better behaved but he lied more”.  And according to CNN, the specifics he lied more about were:

Trump said 2.2 million people would have died.  CNN concedes it’s accurate but the number was describing what would happen if nothing was done about the virus. 

Trump said the virus was going away.  Obviously, it did not go away.

That’s all the specific instances they gave of Trump lying.  And no mention of Biden lies.  But SCOPE will make up for CNN’s shortcomings, below.

Biden will/will not ban fracking.  Biden has been on all sides of this, depending upon his audience.  Trump can produce videos of Biden saying definitively he will ban fracking and Biden can show a video of himself saying he would not.  Since his party is definitely anti fracking and he was anti fracking everywhere except when he was in Pennsylvania, he’s definitely anti fracking.

Shut down the country.  Biden definitely has said he would do it in spite of his denials during the debate.

No one lost insurance under Obamacare.  Estimates for cancelled policies range from 2.6 million to 4.7 million.  Not only did people lose insurance but most people who did keep insurance had big premium increases and huge increases in deductibles.

US had a good relationship with Hitler.  It just never happened.  FDR, the president at the time, was anti Hitler from the start of Hitler’s ascension.

Biden praised New York as to dealing with the Corona Virus.  If you live in New York, the response is LOL.

Biden distanced himself from progressives.  Does he know who his vice president candidate is? 

Trump is a dog whistle to racists.  Dog whistles are only heard by dogs and the ones hearing Trump’s racist comments are Democrats.

Biden blames Republican congress for Obama not passing criminal justice reform.  Democrats held both houses in Obama’s first two years and both houses were held by Republicans in Trump’s first two years.

Trump has a secret bank account in China.  Opened 2013 and closed in 2015.

No evidence that businesses will go out of business if the minimum wage is raised.  Is Biden familiar with Seattle, pre-riots?

The laptop. 

It’s Russian disinformation?  Not according to law enforcement that has seen it and also according to a recipient of the e mails.  Former national security people who have not seen it claim it is disinformation. 

Biden said he has not taken a penny from a foreign source.  Money from China and Ukraine flowed to his son but e mails on the laptop indicate that Joe “wet his beak”.

10% for the big guy?  A recipient of the emails says that is definitely Joe.

Hunter says that dad takes 50%?  If the lap top is true, the statement is true.

Post-debate, CNN tried to dismiss any questions that viewers had after observing Biden’s ongoing struggles with thoughts and the discussion of Biden’s possible mental decline. CNN’s Don Lemon blamed Biden’s missteps on stuttering.  It’s true that Biden stuttered as a child but it has been unmentioned and unnoticed for 60 years, until his recent mental lapses.  In 1987, the left-wing Washington Post reported, “…no trace of the stutter he had as a child.” Biden’s confusion about which state he is in, the inability to hold on to his train of thought, forgetting where he is and who he is with and inappropriate behavior are not symptoms of a stutterer.

2nd Amendment.  Unfortunately, moderators steered the debate away from any question on the 2nd Amendment.  If there had been, Biden is definitely anti 2A and Trump is definitely pro 2A.

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