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Indoctrinating about Intimidating

10/27/2020 7:35 PM | Anonymous

Indoctrinating about Intimidating  by Tom Reynolds

Sunday’s Gannett papers featured an Associated Press article headlined, “Intimidation effort feared at polls”.  Given that riots went unchecked for months and rioters have felt free to try to intimidate bystanders and the police, that seems like a legitimate concern for polling places; the article’s first paragraph even referenced the riots as a cause of concern.  (But it doesn’t ever call them riots; they are only protests and civil unrest.)

Who does the article identify as the people to be concerned about?  “Anti-government extremists and other armed civilians” are cited.  An American University professor puts the blame on the “extreme right” and he also worries about guns being carried into polling places. President Trump’s call for an “army of poll watchers” is also cited at the beginning of a paragraph that ends warning, “…observers will harass or intimidate voters”.  (Hint.  Hint.  Trump wants his “observers” to intimidate voters, not watch for fraud.)

The article even includes reference to the group that plotted a kidnapping of Michigan’s governor.

And, of course, the article included the mandatory liberal lie about Trump not condemning right wing extremists.

Wow.  Sounds as if we had better beware of right-wingers intimidating voters; like those right-wing extremists who have been rioting for months in major cities, burning, looting, shooting and causing $2 billion in damage. Oh, wait.  That’s Black Lives Matter and Antifa that did that!  Don’t Black Lives Matter and Antifa qualify as “anti-government extremists”?  Do their actions constitute anarchy?  Surely, the article has to also include them as groups to be concerned about if the article is going to be comprehensive?  Nope.  Not even a hint of criticism of anything leftist.  Apparently, Gannett newspapers and the Associated Press believe that Black Lives Matter and Antifa have great respect for our rights as citizens and they would never use violence to intimidate anyone, so there was no need to mention either group in the article.

Greater NY Black Lives Matter President Hawk Newsome admits to saying, “If this country doesn’t give us what we want, then we will burn down the system and replace it”.  Can voters rely on Black Lives Matter to not interfere with the election and, mercifully, give us one-last-chance to do what they want - before they burn down the system of voting and replace it with…?  (I’m gonna take a wild guess and say that Newsome’s replacement system parallels the old USSR system by allowing us to vote for Newsome’s candidate, or else.)

The mention of the Michigan governor’s kidnapping plot made sure that we know she is a Democrat. (Hint.  Hint.  It must have been those nasty right-wing, bible clinging gun owners at work again.)  But according to social media posts, two of the six plotters initially arrested are anarchists that hated Michigan’s governor and hated President Trump and a third plotter identified with Black Lives Matter.  (One thing about right-wing extremists – they believe in diversity - and they’re even willing to include left-wing extremists.)

The anti-gun rhetoric in the article pushes making polling places into “gun free zones”.  That’s worked out well in the past as criminals, historically, show great respect and deference for gun-free zones…

This article was a terrific example of the deceit of the media in general and Gannett newspapers in particular.  They took a legitimate news concern and, by figurative winks-and-nods, turned it into an anti-Republican, anti-Trump editorial hiding in plain sight.  And they even got in a few “shots” for gun control.  Should we have expected anything else?

At least this article didn’t say that Trump was dividing America…That article was on page 6.

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