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Journalism Is Not Dead

11/03/2020 12:46 PM | Anonymous

Journalism Is Not Dead  by Tom Reynolds

Some people argue that Journalism is dead but, in fact, it is alive and well.

People whose profession was to write or present the facts to us formerly were called news “reporters”.  Now they are called news “journalists”.  The change is appropriate.  Reporters were expected to present the facts and to cover all sides of an issue. Psychologists will tell you that people who journal are supposed to write down their thoughts and feelings; they are told that their feelings are real and need to be expressed.  Who can doubt that today’s news media is overwhelmingly populated by people who believe that their own thoughts and feelings are what is real and what must be “reported” as news.  Facts?  Well, not so much.  Both sides of the story?  Never!  “Journalism” is alive and well.  It’s just “Reporting” that has died.

You may be aware that one presidential candidate’s son abandoned a laptop with overwhelming evidence that the candidate had discussed that son’s business, even though the candidate denied doing so.  And while the candidate was Vice President of the United States of America, he used his political power, in the second most powerful office in the world, as leverage in financial deals with foreign countries.  That would seem to be important news.  But if all you listen to is CNN, MSNBC, and other left-wing news stations, you don’t know about this because they quickly labelled the story “Russian Disinformation” and then buried it.  Director of National Intelligence, John Ratliffe, subsequently said that the laptop was not part of Russian disinformation.  Did CNN, etc. unbury the story?  No Lazarus there.

Recently, it was reported (but probably not on CNN) that the candidate’s son is under investigation for Money Laundering.  Nothing to see here, says the left-wing media.

In Philadelphia, a knife wielding, career criminal attacked police and was shot by them.  That incident gave cover to a series of riots that are devastating Philadelphia businesses.  After months of previous riots throughout America, Democrats discovered that the riots were hurting them in the polls and, as a result, riot coverage was buried by the left-wing media in order to protect the Democrat Party.  Did the Philadelphia riots resurrect that coverage?  A cold day In Hell, amidst global warming, has a better chance of happening.

What are CNN, etc. covering?  Mostly the Covid epidemic and how it is growing at alarming rates and it’s all Donald Trump’s fault.  There is also coverage of the presidential election and how Trump will be overwhelmingly defeated, so his supporters, by inference, need not bother voting in a lost cause. 

Twitter and Facebook refuse to allow posts that support the laptop story.  Only someone with the IQ of a rock would believe this is anything but political censorship.

There was a saying in defense of the 1st Amendment, “I disagree with what you say but I will defend to the death your right to say it”.  That saying is now, “I disagree with what you say and since it hurt my feelings you must stop saying it”.  The proponents of microaggressions should try following the saying, “Get over it”.  No, they’d rather pretend to wallow in self pity in order to strike a blow for political censorship. 

This election is a test whether the American voters can see beyond the overwhelmingly biased left-wing journalism, that we are buried under every day, and use their judgement when casting their ballots.  The media believes they can decide the results of the election through their actions.  The course of American news reporting depends on you voting and showing that the media cannot brainwash you.  Oh yeah, and your future, too.

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