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Deep Blue Governors and Mayors

11/10/2020 9:43 AM | Anonymous

Deep Blue Governors and Mayors  by Tom Reynolds

Governors and mayors in deep blue states made a decision that they would wreak havoc on their own state’s economy and empower criminals to destroy property and lives in riots.  They believed their states and cities were so deep blue that it would not impact their personal political positions.  This was all done in an attempt to hurt President Trump’s reelection chances.  As it turned out, they were right about their positions being safe since what little opposition they faced was from those even further left.  

Governor Jay Inslee of Washington State stood by while “peaceful protesters” destroyed Seattle’s downtown.  He took no action when Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan allowed the “CHOP Zone” to flourish and “secede” from the USA, until there were murders in it.  During the riots he identified with Black Lives Matter.  Inslee easily won reelection.

Seattle’s Mayor Durkan was not up for reelection.  Seattle police have been quitting and retiring in droves, including Chief Carmen Best, because of the lack of support.  There have been attempts to recall her because she is not radical enough.

The District of Columbia has been torn by riots under Mayor Muriel Bowser and a far-left Democrat City Council.  There have been concessions made to Black Lives Matter rioters, including naming a plaza after them, and in general the rioters got a free pass.  Bowser was not up for reelection but in the D.C. Council races, all Democrats running for reelection won.

Portland, Oregon, Mayor Ted Wheeler stood by and watched Antifa and Black Lives Matter loot and burn Portland.  When President Trump offered to send the National Guard in to help, Wheeler said, “No thanks”.  When they attacked the federal courthouse, President Trump had to step in.  The Portland police union has been a constant critic of him.     Wheeler’s concern has been about potential white supremacist activity.  Wheeler won reelection over both an opponent who was farther left than him and also a Black Lives Matter activist. 

Oregon Governor Kate Brown, who was not up for reelection, ordered the activation of the National Guard to quell months of rioting in Portland, THE DAY AFTER THE ELECTION!, Brown had rejected Trump’s offer to bring in the National Guard, months ago.

Andrew Cuomo…well, we all know about him.  No place in New York for Conservatives.

These are the people we are dealing with.  Because they live in deep blue states, they promote far left programs because they suffer no consequences when these programs fail.  We’ve been listening to the media and politicians (now that the election is over) talk about extending our hands in friendship and compromising.  That being the “American” thing to do.  As if the media saying this ever, in the past, cared about being “American”.  Can we expect the left to give up their gun grabbing?  Can we expect them to give up the Green New Deal?  Will they compromise on the border wall and immigration?  Will the media cover the Hunter Biden scandal and the “Deep States” treachery?

Be careful when you extend a hand to them as they will bite it off.

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