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November’s Ballot by George Phillips

09/15/2021 11:45 AM | Anonymous

November’s Ballot  by George Phillips

Stolen elections are a path to nullifying the 2nd Amendment.  

As Americans continued to question the authenticity and fairness of the last election, New York State politicians have placed before voters the following referendums on November 2nd in our election:

  • First, to make permanent absentee ballot voting for any voter for any reason in every election.  Millions of New Yorkers voting absentee on a regular basis would surely increase fraud – especially when local boards of election are ill-equipped to verify signatures of absentee voters.
  • Second, to allow same day voter registration up until election day – negating laws which require voters to register 30 days before an election. Illegal immigrants and non-New York residents could easily register to vote and vote before local boards of elections had time to check for fraud.  If you are not a citizen, you should not be able to vote in our state.
  • Third, to amend the Independent Redistricting Commission allowing the liberal Democrat majority legislature to reject non-partisan district maps with a 60% vote and draw their own partisan maps for political gain.  Under current law, the Democrats need a two-thirds supermajority to reject two separate independent maps.

Critical to a free state are fair elections.  Lovers of liberty and rule of law principles should:

  • Consider whether absentee voting for an any reason in New York will increase fraud.
  • Consider whether same day voter registration in New York will lead to more illegal votes. 
  • Consider whether amending the Independent Redistricting Commission will empower New York City Democrats and Pelosi allies from drawing Congressional districts here in New York.

Protect honest elections.  The future of our state depends on it.

George Phillips is an American History teacher from the Binghamton area, former Regional Director of Reclaim New York and a former candidate for Congress.

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