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Our Youth will be the Defenders of 2A

05/07/2018 10:29 AM | Anonymous

By C. Bruce Kingsley Jefferson/ Lewis SCOPE Chairman 

   What better place to inspire our youth to enjoy the sport of shooting than being promoted through their schools?  The Jefferson/Lewis Chapter of SCOPE has made this our primary objective to support school trap leagues.  There are 8 schools that have trap leagues in these two counties and the numbers are growing.  There are 19 schools and over 350 students in leagues across the state.  NEW YORK STATE HIGH SCHOOL CLAY TARGET LEAGUE has a very informative website that has good information of how to get students and schools involved. We just have to get the courage to talk to our schools’ superintendents, and find a local gun range.  The schools involvement is nothing more than informing the youth and their parents.  Our chapter is offering thousands of dollars to the leagues in an essay contest as an enticement to form these leagues and keep them active.  SCOPE needs exposure so the public knows who we are and what we stand for.  We have been busy at numerous affairs raising money supporting SCOPE and 2A.  School trap leagues will be our inspiration to continue with these efforts.  It would be a great achievement to have the local news media televising a league receiving a check for $1000, with the SCOPE banner in the background, and kids breaking a few clays.  

    The schools have adopted the zero tolerance concerning firearms.  It would be a good objective for SCOPE members to change this attitude.  It was just the other year a 10 year old youth was suspended for several days for eating his graham cracker into the shape of what appeared to be a firearm.  We have to change this mentality starting with the news media, schools, and legislators. 

A 2nd Amendment Defense Organization, defending the rights of New York State gun owners to keep and bear arms!

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