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Chairman's Corner

  • 06/18/2020 3:29 PM | Anonymous

    One of the early events for our SCOPE table is cancelled.

    This is an announcement from the Brantling website:

    It is with sadness that we announce the cancellation of the 2020 Brantling Bluegrass Festival. The GOOD news is that the bands that we had booked have agreed to come to Brantling on 7/28-8/1/2021. Any tickets purchased for this season will be honored in 2021 OR you can contact Gene Bavis for a refund. We are currently looking into a one or two day weekend event in September, 2020 with local bands. Stand by for news!

  • 06/15/2020 10:01 PM | Anonymous

    Our WCS Committee will meet on June 29 in order to finalize plans for a potential Wayne County SCOPE members meeting on July 8. 

    I expect today that the meeting will be held unless the state rescinds it’s most recent “reopening” step. Yes, the number of cases of COVID-19 have increased. But this is due to the increased number of people being tested. 

    The key, as I see it, is the number of new hospitalizations. These have not increased proportionally with the increased number of new cases. Many were concerned because Arizona had over 1600 new cases recently. However, only one(1) new hospitalization occurred. 

    Let’s hope the increased protests do not put us back at square one. Hope to see you July 8 at the Marion Legion. We will send a notice one way or the other. 


  • 06/01/2020 4:34 PM | Anonymous

    The divide amendment has been gaining co-sponsors. See if your NYS Senator or Assembly member on the co-sponsor list below. 

    If either of your two legislators are NOT on this list of co-sponsors of A05498 - S5416 a NYS constitutional amendment to divide the State into three autonomous regions. Please contact them: 
    NYS Senate (not federal) Sponsor Ortt; Co-sponsors Borrello, Helming, Jordan, O'Mara, Ranzenhofer, Seward. 
    Assembly Sponsor DiPietro; Co-sponsors Salka, Lawrence, Crouch, Palmesano, Tague, Norris, Manktelow; Mlt-sponsors Byrnes, Hawley, Kolb.

    If your NYS Senator is NOT on list. Please ask your Senator to co-sponsor the Senate bill S5416 in the NYS Senate; you can use this link to find the office phone numbers of your Senator by scrolling down and clicking on their picture followed by clicking on contact or clicking on the "Find your Senator" button and then enter your information.

    Also if your NYS Assembly member is NOT on the above list. Please ask your Assembly member to co-sponsor the Assembly bill A05498 in the NYS Assembly; you can use this link to find the office phone numbers of your Assembly(wo)man by scrolling down and finding their name or clicking on "Search by Address" button and entering your address.

    If you have to leave a message. Please leave your request that he/she co-sponsor A05498/S5416 and request for a written reply to your address in your message.

  • 05/28/2020 7:33 PM | Anonymous

    It does not appear as though the state will allow more than 10 individuals to congregate for any type of meeting in the near future. Therefore, I am cancelling our June 10 Wayne County SCOPE meeting. I look forward to an expanded ‘re-opening' of NY before July and will notify you prior to our anticipated July meeting.

    Please utilize both the State SCOPE website and the new Wayne County website now located at the State site. This will allow you to remain updated on pertinent issues.

    Barry Alt and Paul Lowans have developed our State website. Paul continues to keep you updated via email. Dave Colburn has developed our new Wayne website which is conveniently located on the State site. or

    Dave has provided us with Articles, Useful Links and a Chairman’s Corner thus far. He has redesigned parts of the State site where you can find Blog Posts and 2020 New York State legislation pertaining to gun rights. Click on “More Info” to open the legislation page.

    We hope you will utilize the links provided to contact our elected officials and express your concerns, especially regarding the eight [8] two-house bills.

    Stay safe and I look forward to seeing many of you on July 8 at the Marion Legion Post at 7 pm.


    “Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.”
    — Benjamin Franklin (1706-1790)

  • 05/15/2020 2:12 PM | Anonymous

    “Hello Don,

    Good to hear from you. Hope your doing well and staying safe. 

    Phase 1 started today in the Finger Lakes. It includes recreational activities and hunting. Several clubs have interpreted this to mean that they can reopen. Just important to follow the social distancing rules and not do meetings or congregate in club house.” (Emphasis added)

    Chris Catt

    Chief of Staff, Senator Pam Helming 

  • 05/15/2020 7:00 AM | Anonymous

    Many Americans have suffered despite the shutdown, masks and safe distancing. Facts have varied along with many theories.

    Vivek Ramaswamy, CEO and founder of the pharmaceutical company Roivant Sciences, provided this insight:

    "For over 80% of people infected with the Coronavirus its actually no worse than the flu. The thing that distinguishes this virus is that up to 20% of infected patients require hospitalization. And the thing that kills people who go to the hospital is often the immune response and not the presence of the virus itself. And so if we can just get some base hits along the way, you could address that for the severe patients in the hospital, then our whole societal response to this pandemic could actually become much more measured, similar to that of the seasonal flu. And even though that's a modest proposal, it's also potentially more achievable in the near term than waiting for a vaccine in the long run...which could take up to 2 years."  More to follow.

  • 05/15/2020 1:47 AM | Anonymous

    “The definition of a Free State is one where the laws are

    written to uphold personal liberties.

    The definition of a Police State is one where the laws are

    written, legitimately or not, to uphold what the

    government wants.”

    —Judge Andrew Napolitano

    May 14, 2020

  • 05/13/2020 10:49 PM | Anonymous


    Kirstin Gillibrand Attacks Our Rights Again!

    Because of the Wuhan virus gun sales boom, New York’s Senator Gillibrand sent a letter to the ATF and FBI looking to change how gun sales are conducted during this sales surge and provide guidance to them. She is joined by 15 other Senators and the letter is penned by democrat Senators: Blumenthal (CT) and Markey (MA).

    Gillibrand wants the ATF and FBI to change their procedures and:

    1) have ATF urge FFLs not to release firearms if the 3 day wait period for delayed gun sales is exceeded, which could potentially result in infinite delays,

    2) have the FBI collect data on 3 day delayed sales and report it to congress

    3) wants the FBI to retain incomplete background check records past the statutory 90 day limit and retain them until after the government says the “Commie virus” is over

    4) wants the FBI to use the N-DEx portal to disqualify people with incident, case reports, and investigations that are not yet found guilty

    (Another example of trampling on our Due Process rights)


    5) wants the ATF to remind the FFLs to tell people about safe storage and provide a gun lock for each handgun and also recommend that FFLs provide their customers, especially first-time gun buyers, with information about the risks and responsibilities of gun ownership and about safe storage practices. (We understand the risks and are responsible, law-abiding citizens capable of managing our own lives).

    Markey Gillibrand letter:

    ACTION ALERT! Gillibrand is a poor representative of gun owners in her state, but the good news she is ours so you can call or email to complain and to let her know we exist and how wrong she is. Please contact her and tell her you oppose her letter and her stand on second amendment rights. 


  • 05/13/2020 12:31 AM | Anonymous

    It appears NY State is finally preparing to begin action to "reopen" certain regions. We are all anxious to begin living a normal life again. The quarantine has 'flattened the curve' while hospitalizations and deaths are greatly reduced. 

    Criteria have been established along with benchmarks for the regions. There has been confusion over data and corresponding models. Even the experts cannot agree on many points. We may all agree the economic uncertainty and subsequent fear can do more damage than the virus itself.

    Alternative protections for those most vulnerable need to be provided. Transferring thousands of sick elderly patients into nursing homes has proven to be an error in leadership by the governor. More to follow.

  • 05/11/2020 1:47 AM | Anonymous

    May 11, 2020 by Don Smith, Wayne County chapter chair

    You may recall that the owner of the Firing Pin, Barrett Brandon, was seen on social media while attending the rally in Virginia.

    NY State retaliated with a vengeance and closed the store despite President Trump declaring gun shops as “essential” businesses.

    This is from the Pin’s Facebook page:


    We knew this day would come. Today we were called by an investigator from Gov. Cuomo's Executive Order Task Force who ORDERED us to close, under threat of losing our business license and NY Dealer's license.

    Trust me, I want to fight this, and there will be a day where we do, but for now we need to go home, hug our loved ones and take some time to regroup. ...

    See More.”

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